SIME is a clinical AI company committed to preventative, personalised point-of-care medicine. Our solutions provide data-driven and precise insights to doctors in decisive moments, when rapid intervention can save a life. Developed by world-renowned scientists and doctors, our data engine detects disease in real-time, enabling early treatment in high risk patients. The first urgent unmet needs that we are addressing are in the neonatal intensive care unit; where our clinically proven, and patented technologies will have the greatest impact. SIME is a London (UK), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Shanghai (China) based company with over three decades of experience in neonatology and data science.


Although the emerging companies below are also leading medical data and AI innovation, SIME is unique as we are transforming intelligent data into immediate clinical value at the point-of-care

  • Sensyne Health (clinical AI): £225m market cap, AIM IPO, 2018 (co-founded by Manuel Pinuela, an Executive Director of SIME)

  • BenevolentAI (AI and drug discovery): $2.1B valuation, 2 rounds >$200m, 2018

  • Flatiron Health (AI and cancer research): $1.9B valuation, purchased by Roche, 2018 

  • Healx (AI and rare diseases): $10m, Series A, 2018


Every treatment decision made is founded on data, the quantity and quality of the data is often what determines the occurrence, severity, and fatality of disease. Without support from intelligent technology, doctors are forced to either make split second decisions with limited information or withhold treatment until more data is available. As a result, many patients develop preventable diseases which often lead to chronic conditions, disability and death. There is one ward in the hospital where the lack of data is having an immediate and lifelong impact – the neonatal intensive care unit. Every day neonatologists push the boundaries of medical science to the limits to keep ever younger babies alive and healthy. Within the first few hours after birth there is a short window of opportunity to protect newborns from severe and debilitating diseases, however, a lack of data often prevents doctors from delivering the necessary preventative treatment. In the US alone, delayed care has driven the cost of premature birth to $26 billion. Factor in the cost of treating all of the possible lifelong disabilities, and the years of lost productivity for caregivers, and the real figure may top $50 billion. No technology that is able to address this urgent unmet clinical needed has existed until today.

+ Povl Verder, CEO

Entrepreneur and founder of beCogent Ltd (£35m exit). Previous senior roles with BSkyB and NewsCorp. Formerly digital health strategy advisor to J&J, GSK and Coloplast.

+ Omer Casher, PhD, CTO

Machine learning specialist, data scientist and former head of IT medical imaging for GSK.

+ Peter Schousboe, PhD, Head of Research

Biochemist specialising in medical research management.

+ Nick Scoutaris, PhD, Head of Application Development

Machine learning specialist and chemical engineer with expertise in AI and medical device development.

+ Morgaine Matthews, MsC, Head of Product

Expert in medtech product development and healthcare marketing.




SIME has developed a unique new technology that has the intelligence required to deliver decisive data in the fast-paced environment of acute care. Pushing the boundaries of medical and data science, our technology provides doctors with the information they need to treat early, precisely and preventatively even in the most fragile patients. The first application of our patented and clinically proven technology is in the neonatal intensive care unit, where we are helping to prevent the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in premature babies – respiratory distress syndrome. Our technology provides doctors with accurate data minutes after a baby is born. Enabling them to treat early - improving clinical outcomes, reducing costs and saving lives.