Founded in 2008, SIME Dx are based in London (UK) and Holbaek (Denmark).We are a clinically-led company pioneering digital point of care diagnostics. A vision which requires a true convergence of clinical medicine,biochemistry, data science, engineering and entrepreneurship. 



Professor Agnar Hoskuldsson
Mathematician, winner of the Herman Wold Gold Medal for pioneering and establishing Modern Chemometrics. He was formerly an associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark and over the span of his career he has published over 30 scientific papers and is credited with over 2000 scientific citations.


Professor Henrik Verder
Professor Henrik Verder (born 1942) is a pediatrician and the inventor of the INSURE (Intubation Surfactant Extubation) method combined with nasal CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). In 1989 he used this pioneering method to successfully treat the first premature infant with severe RDS. Henrik is a significant researcher within the field of paediatrics, with more than 50 publications and over 500 citations.



Povl Verder
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Dr. Omer Casher
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Morgaine Matthews
Head of Product
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Peter Schousboe 
Head of Research
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Dr. Hacer Guzlek
Head of Application Development
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Mike Trevino - Technologist and entrepreneur. Former CTO of NantHealth. LinkedIn profile. 

Palle Andersen - Lawyer specialising in healthcare policy and commercial law.