First application: Neonatal Point-of-care Lung Maturity Test

Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS)

RDS, a breathing disorder caused by a lack of surfactant, it is the primary cause of mortality and severe morbidity in premature babies. Today RDS is diagnosed a few hours after birth by accessing symptoms. Surfactant treatment is then administered, which slows and eventually halts disease progression. 

RDS can be prevented with early diagnosis & treatment

Surfactant therapy is highly effective, and if administered minutes after birth it has the potential to prevent RDS. So why not give it to all babies? A Cochrane review found that Prophylactic treatment can harm healthy babies. Therefore an early diagnostic for identifying which babies are at risk of RDS is needed. 

SIME is delivering the world's first rapid RDS diagnostic 

Requiring only a small sample of gastric aspirate SIME can accurately predict RDS minutes after birth. Our point of care test empowers Doctors to treat preventatively. With the potential to significantly reduce RDS and associated complications and costs.



SIME's LMT test has been scientifically proven to predict RDS with high sensitivity