SIME Dx today announced that the European Patent Office intends to grant patent number 14727196.9 (“Methods and system for use in neonatal diagnostics”), in recognition of the company's unique method for determining lung maturity at the point-of-care.

LMT, the world’s first rapid neonatal lung maturity test, has been clinically proven to predict Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) with high sensitivity. Powered by photonics and machine learning algorithms, LMT is the first application in the company’s Digital Molecular Diagnostics (DMDx) platform pipeline. DMDx is a proprietary and patented AI biomarker discovery platform that stores and analyses anonymised data from diagnostic tests. As DMDx's data repository continues to grow, SIME Dx's algorithms will enable biomarker based discoveries.

“Since the company’s inception, SIME Dx has focused on developing first of it’s kind technology to solve urgent unmet clinical needs. This has required us to develop exceptional inventive capabilities, as we are continually challenged to innovate in areas where there is little, or no, precedent.” said Povl Verder, CEO of SIME Dx. “Consequently, IP is at the very core of our business and, as a technology driven clinical company, it is also what gives us a sustainable competitive advantage.”  

The LMT proprietary method patent protects years of investment and invention, and strengthens the company’s growing portfolio of patents, clinical data and trade secrets.